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When the rain fall

Hear the rain fall, cold bitter wind Withered leaves lost in its careless sweep Behind the fog are myriads of light lucid? When night succeeds a sunset of dreams  – June 2014

The Two Ends Meet

 * The river tries to emulate the sky, Mirroring its multitudes of blues and hues. Rock ledges brutally slap its face, It flows seemingly an act of will. * Along the bank a… Continue reading

The tree and Me

Ol’ tree, I hear your scattered leaves Rustle in this gentle breeze * Through this mist the veiled moon peer Against the velvet sky your silhouette gleam * Into the earth your roots… Continue reading

The Page

* This is the longest he’s written on a page, A story the good the bad, and sometimes mad. Each inspiration floats one fallen grace, Carves a story seldom told and hardly spoke.… Continue reading

Oil Painting

At times, a painting is an extract of an artist’s diary, each strokes and lines concealing fragmented memories and emotions. Its secret blatant but far from exposed. Other times, partake of familiar behavioral… Continue reading

The ship

* Like a resurrection ship, sails battered and worn, A mast so dangerously inclined, that left mortals aghast, On a compass bearing faith, intertwined with fate Away from her anchored harbour, ambles forth.… Continue reading

I’m dreaming of a place

I’m dreaming of a place. That place, so far away. Keep praying they say, for somehow, as though a flick of wand, or a sprinkle of wishing dust, the prayers will be heard… Continue reading