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Singapore watercolor society’s 43rd annual exhibition 2012

A happening night complemented with fine wine, food and arts for the watercolor artists and the many invited guests, both local and international at Singapore Watercolor society’s 43rd annual exhibition. The emcees for… Continue reading

Mood Sketch

I Like the rain, it washes everything away. – 11 Aug, 2012

An On air conversation about Painting

It was my first time on a video broadcasting set. I felt pretty intimidated at first, I wasn’t sure if it was watching the VJ fiddle with the complex looking gadgets or the… Continue reading

Silk Embroidery

Aside from the material’s glossy nature, silk embroidery might be mistaken for a painting at a sweeping glance. However, a closer look will reveal the fine techniques and delicate skills behind every stitch.… Continue reading

Lacquer Painting

Lacquer painting is a traditional technique commonly practiced in Vietnam. The process is complex and long as it comprises several cycles of coating and sanding. The three traditional colors of lacquer painting – black,… Continue reading

Urban Sketchers

Urban sketchers are connected worldwide to share their sketches of the cities they live in and these groups of artist come together to embark on sketching trips. Joining the Urban Sketchers Singapore on… Continue reading

Sand Painting

  Venue: Esplanade Sand painting is a form of temporal art commonly practiced by some ethnic and religious groups around the world. Unlike other forms of arts where the products signify the end,… Continue reading

Looking Beyond

The way an intention is sealed with every opening and closing of the shutter, the ability of the lens to capture every faint nuance not perceptible to the naked eye and how photographs… Continue reading


Oil Painting

At times, a painting is an extract of an artist’s diary, each strokes and lines concealing fragmented memories and emotions. Its secret blatant but far from exposed. Other times, partake of familiar behavioral… Continue reading