Wedding in Tianjin

I’m here so often it’s almost like a second home, but this time round for my god brother’s wedding. It’s always a whole new experience attending weddings overseas and getting intrigued by their… Continue reading

Sun and Moon

Sun We see it, feel it – That golden hue blazing from afar. Bask in the light of the sun, you will feel its warmth, abundant and glorified. At that moment, it’s hard… Continue reading

11 Oct

* Dance to the pace, Of a heart that beats. Release thyself, For only the free bird sings. * Ignite the fire, And fill the darkness with light. Like stars of the night,… Continue reading

“The highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others” – Socrates

Humans are simultaneously intelligent and ignorant. The moment you think you know it all or when you reach a level of complacency, new encounters often throw you into a new set of conundrums where… Continue reading