Oil Painting

At times, a painting is an extract of an artist’s diary, each strokes and lines concealing fragmented memories and emotions. Its secret blatant but far from exposed. Other times, partake of familiar behavioral… Continue reading

The ship

* Like a resurrection ship, sails battered and worn, A mast so dangerously inclined, that left mortals aghast, On a compass bearing faith, intertwined with fate Away from her anchored harbour, ambles forth.… Continue reading

Vietnam II – Mui Ne

That very night above the rumbling sea and clapping waves, beneath the alluring night sky, it felt as though it was just me alone with Mother Nature. It was almost paradise. I made… Continue reading

I’m dreaming of a place

I’m dreaming of a place. That place, so far away. Keep praying they say, for somehow, as though a flick of wand, or a sprinkle of wishing dust, the prayers will be heard… Continue reading

Vietnam I

The entire duration of my stay will be spent in the southern part of Vietnam where I am having my exchange at Vietnam national university (VNU), Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).  My two… Continue reading

Going Home

Let the sun seep through The whispering trees We wear the scars So evident they could see * Let me fall and bleed For a love so obscure Yet the beacon of light… Continue reading

Sun and Moon

Sun We see it, feel it – That golden hue blazing from afar. Bask in the light of the sun, you will feel its warmth, abundant and glorified. At that moment, it’s hard… Continue reading