Hiking in Switzerland

Niederhorn, Beatenberg From the vantage point that offer panoramic view of the iconic craggy summits and rock-ribbed pathways, Niederhorn is undeniably a hiking paradise offering intoxicating experiences and formidable sceneries. With tendrils of… Continue reading

If music be the food of love

  “If Music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die.” – William Shakespeare


Amidst the society’s depiction of right and wrong, can one still hear and remain true to his or her own inner calling?

The tree and Me

Ol’ tree, I hear your scattered leaves Rustle in this gentle breeze * Through this mist the veiled moon peer Against the velvet sky your silhouette gleam * Into the earth your roots… Continue reading

Travelling on Indian Roads

The varieties of animals, seemingly unperturbed by the chaotic traffic, trotted pass us with ease; traffic jam on the road has never been more fun.

Living on a Boathouse in Kashmir

Entering the quaint looking boathouse, the posh interior of elaborate decoration that greeted us was a pleasant and fascinating surprise. The corridors of the boathouse are adorned with paintings and intricate carvings; each… Continue reading


Her: To Be Continued

Some Moments| Her Bitter Sweet. Some Scars| Revisited Her Pain. Some Dreams| Caught Her Breath. Some Places| Held Her Memories. And Some One. Turned Her world around.

Face II