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RV Trip up the East Coast

Sprawling roots spread-eagled the ground, weaving through the mossy mattress and fallen twigs that snapped gently beneath my feet. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Great Smoky Mountains, its labyrinth of trees awash with glorious colours and golden hues. Boughs laden with its flush foliage dripped their bounty of pine nuts onto the trails.

Hikkaduwa’s Riches to Rags Stories

It is the off-season over at Hikkaduwa, its long and sparse beach lined with small zany restaurants and bars overlooked the breathtaking Indian Ocean. The landscape is pleasantly tranquil and languid during the… Continue reading

A Peak into Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

Llandudno, welsh popular seaside resort is home to a population of approximately 20 thousand. The Marine drive towards Llandudno wends it way past majestic castles perched on undulating mountains and pasturelands, along the… Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Germany

The parade of elaborately embellished six-horse carriages along with Bavarian costume and riflemen’s march in kick off the long awaited Oktoberfest.  A short distance away in the tents each housing at least 10… Continue reading

Reading Rendezvous in Paris

I have always loved patronizing bookstores. Be careful not to miss out its elusive exterior standing along Paris’s rich undulating district for the accidental stumble into Shakespeare bookstore had turned out a fine… Continue reading

Hiking in Switzerland

Niederhorn, Beatenberg From the vantage point that offer panoramic view of the iconic craggy summits and rock-ribbed pathways, Niederhorn is undeniably a hiking paradise offering intoxicating experiences and formidable sceneries. With tendrils of… Continue reading

Travelling on Indian Roads

The varieties of animals, seemingly unperturbed by the chaotic traffic, trotted pass us with ease; traffic jam on the road has never been more fun.

Living on a Boathouse in Kashmir

Entering the quaint looking boathouse, the posh interior of elaborate decoration that greeted us was a pleasant and fascinating surprise. The corridors of the boathouse are adorned with paintings and intricate carvings; each… Continue reading


Roccella Jonica and its Serenity

A sedated town on the coast, Roccella Jonica is well known for their annual international Jazz Festival held usually in August.   September is perhaps the quiescent period for the state, the pristine… Continue reading