BINTAN Beach Getaway

The love I have for beaches is one that comes slowly and deepens gradually with time. It might be that limpid clear water or the pristine white sand. How one simple and frugal beauty could infinitely encase unfathomable personas and abundance always set a pulse through me.

Weekend beach escapade begins to become a necessary luxury when a full week of ceaseless fatigue and hectic schedules could culminate in laying placid on the beach and soak in the awe of nature.

There are a few resorts I have been would have no qualms to return to: Bintan Lagoon Resort, Nirwana Gardens, Banyan Tree Resort.

Banyan Tree Resort  

Against its tranquil and isolated backdrop, Banyan Tree offers an exclusive and acclaimed private getaway. With laudable attention and prestige hospitality paid to every aspect of the stay, do expect the luxurious experience to come along with a higher price tag.


Villa on the rocks



Nirwana Gardens 

Suitable for a family getaway, the abundant entertainment options available leave one spoilt for choice.

There are two beaches along Nirwana – one filled with coral reef, which might pose as a challenge for swimming during low tide. The other beach along Mayang Sari is by far my favorite beach in Bintan Island. Relatively secluded, its pellucid water beats against its unsullied coastline to a symphony of its own, gradually descending into different hues of blue as the waves trot towards the horizon.