Coming Home

She travelled far and wide, ambled east to west

For a place she could call home

The nomadic compass pointed north

It must be somewhere close


I. The Seek

A posh modern exterior stood, frigid and withdrawn

Like rain cascading down the surface of a cold pebble

Its interiors caged like forbidding metal heart

Windows peered back with a vacuous smile

Its formidable walls lead to a cul de sac


 II. Moving On

Along the field an ornate furnished mason stood

A wrought-iron gate pines for a good harangue

Opulent garden laden with toxic pollen of lilies

Its historical glory lost in the former days of yore

A reminder that something sensational once thrived


III. Home

Beyond the tranquil blue and deep green foliage

Serendipity unmask one whimsical house,

Peering over the hills unassumingly

Its smoldering elegance enchants all around

A safe haven, finally found.


But time is an autocrat, that fateful day came

Sundering the home and her apart

She collected the debris, all reeking of despondence

Once again travelled far and wide, ambled east to west…

– 2nd November 2014