I COLORI DAL MONDO – Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea

[Extracted Press Release]


The Colors of the World – former convent of the Minims – Roccella Jonica (RC)

from September 22 to October 3, 2012

In collaboration with the City of Roccella Jonica – COLORS OF THE WORLD – International Festival of Contemporary Art – 22 weeks. – October 32,012

The world told by 37 Italian and foreign artists through painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, installation, video.

The event, curated by Eva Czerkl with opening Saturday, September 22at 18 at the former “Convent of the Minims” Roccella Jonica (RC) is proposed as an open window on today’s creativity in our region and in other latitudes, in a path to his adventurous way of styles, techniques, levels of experience, philosophies, generations and geographic origins.

A collective that transcends the significance of exposure group and becomes the message, affirmation, awareness, dialogue that goes beyond the barriers of language, race and religion.

Whatever their origin, are artists who all speak the same language
 of colors and shapes. Each of them has a special feature, a special sign, which often starts from a known emotional memories of childhood, an enchanted place or full of desolation, a city, a vast ocean, a mysterious folk song. But all transfused and diluted in the artistic path, a path that is part of the journey that took them away in the creative core of the earth.

In this sense, art, universally regarded as one of the languages ​​of the most efficient in terms of communication, it becomes common ground on which to find a way and a positive sign that unites men.

For the occasion, will be screened on video multimedia artist Maria Dutch Korporal “Night of Harmony” inspired by a poem by Marcia Théfilo, Brazilian poet and anthropologist.

Host country the journalist, writer and painter Aldo Manganaro , who will present two new works of exceptional new series “Shadows” for his upcoming solo.


Beaudroit Amélie (France) – Julius Bellutti – Véronique Brosset (France) – Philip Capperucci – Liliana Condemi – Mariella Costa – DS Rane (India) – Marò D’Agostino – Angel De Francisco Mazzaccara – Hayssam Masri (Lebanon) – Janos – Maria Karzi (Greece) – Renata Kevi (Lithuania) – Maria Korporal (Holland) – Bozena Krol Legowska (Poland) – Matthew Lausetti – Fabrizio Loiacono – Manal Mahasseb (Egypt) – Catherine Manchester (New Zealand) – Aldo Manganaro – Mahmoud Menaysy ( Egypt) – Angelo Merante (Angelus Novus) – Dina Montesu – Penelope Oakley (England) – Omar Olano (Uruguay) – Maria Pia Pastures – Adolfo Picano – Tamara Ramos (USA) – Petra Schepens (Belgium) – Rosa Spina – Spina Pippo – Tan Jia Hui (Singapore) – Claudia Tejeda (Germany) – Valérie Telesca (France) – Sunrise Rita Trombini – Nicola Sabatino Ventura – Elena Vichi

Catalogue: Palladino Publisher. Introductory text and intervention of the art critic Lara Hunt.
exhibition runs: 22 weeks. – October 3 2012
Opening: Sat. 22 weeks. 18 hours
Location: ex “Convent of the Minims”, Roccella Jonica (RC)
Opening hours: 10.00 – 13.00 / 16.00 – 19 (including holidays)
Info: tel. (+39) 0964.863322

eva.czerkl @ alice.it / (+39) 3484929415

Admission is free.