An On air conversation about Painting

It was my first time on a video broadcasting set. I felt pretty intimidated at first, I wasn’t sure if it was watching the VJ fiddle with the complex looking gadgets or the fact that it was live. The half an hour guest appearance however turned out to be an enjoyable and lighthearted on air experience.


It is always nice sharing and hopefully inspiring those who have always wanted to explore their artistic flair to pick up any form of arts. Painting has always been therapeutic and through arts itself, allows one to truly feel the heightened sensations and indulge in life experiences.

To date, I am thankful for the countless supports and encouragements that kept me going and loving what I am doing. Like many out there, I have met my fair share of naysayers as well but it merely distinguishes who could and couldn’t relate to your art.


My stand remains, there’s no right or wrong in arts, it just has to be real. After all, it is individualistic and also something heartfelt that can be enjoyed by anyone, professionals and amateurs. So keep going, be freed and never allow anyone to rain on your parade.


With VJ ian on iN988. The green screen effect was amusing.