Vietnam I

The entire duration of my stay will be spent in the southern part of Vietnam where I am having my exchange at Vietnam national university (VNU), Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).  My two cents’ worth of my first week in Vietnam:


I. Infrastructure

Somehow, HCM holds a nostalgic resemblance to Singapore in the 1970s. Rows of shop houses, corrugated zinc roofs and locals playing Chaptek were familiar sights among the increasing clutters of concrete buildings. The numbers of motorbikes on HCMC roads are applauding. Amidst the Saigon traffic mayhem, it’s amazing to observe an order the locals seemingly abide by among the chaos.


II. People

Life in Vietnam unravels at a slower pace than Singapore, their needs and preferences are simpler as well, emphasizing more on basic necessities than luxuries. Being both a religious and conservative country, women still hold submissive roles in Vietnamese society. Females tend to receive condoning stares if you walk down the street in shorts, and women smoking seem to be a social taboo. (The reactions of the locals to it were rather enthralling nevertheless.)


Communism in Vietnam


III. Arts & Culture

Vietnamese culture consists of a diversified customs and behaviors, each having its own individuality from its northern to southern territories.  Their richness in arts and culture prevails in every corner of HCM, visible along the streets, schools and museums.  I was roaming around HCM fine arts museum where I was fortunate to get to know the Vietnamese artist, nguyen the duy who was exhibiting his current works.

The rest of his works can be found here:


IV. Food

With agriculture playing an important aspect in their livelihood, Vietnamese develop healthy eating habits; their cuisine comprises a strong heritage of fresh vegetations and natural ingredients.


V. Others



Vietnam’s booming economy is attracting more foreign investments into their manufacturing industries, including Singapore, currently one of the top three foreign investors in Vietnam. 

Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park


For now~~