“The highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others” – Socrates

Humans are simultaneously intelligent and ignorant. The moment you think you know it all or when you reach a level of complacency, new encounters often throw you into a new set of conundrums where you begin to question your initial beliefs.

Sometimes we tend to put aside intricate questions hoping time will cast them into oblivion, but you grow to realise these unanswered questions perpetually return in different forms and continue to haunt until the day you conquer them upfront.


The mysterious is always an enchanting experience, the journey from questions to hypothesis to conclusion, a path mixed with curiosity, fear and excitement.  It’s the art of questioning and understanding that enhance one’s wisdom, self enrichment and self fulfilment.


Life is definitely simpler if it’s predictable. But the mysterious, adds colours and beauty to the meaning of existence itself.