RV Trip up the East Coast

Sprawling roots spread-eagled the ground, weaving through the mossy mattress and fallen twigs that snapped gently beneath my feet. Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Great Smoky Mountains, its labyrinth of trees awash with glorious colours and golden hues. Boughs laden with its flush foliage dripped their bounty of pine nuts onto the trails.

Hikkaduwa’s Riches to Rags Stories

It is the off-season over at Hikkaduwa, its long and sparse beach lined with small zany restaurants and bars overlooked the breathtaking Indian Ocean. The landscape is pleasantly tranquil and languid during the… Continue reading

Rafting in Bali

The orange hued rays of sunrise provide a picturesque view of lush paddy fields dominating the Balinese skyline. Rafting along Telaga Waja River, we hang precariously as the raft weavers its way through… Continue reading

A Peak into Llandudno, Wales, United Kingdom

Llandudno, welsh popular seaside resort is home to a population of approximately 20 thousand. The Marine drive towards Llandudno wends it way past majestic castles perched on undulating mountains and pasturelands, along the… Continue reading

Chasing after Sunset

BINTAN Beach Getaway

The love I have for beaches is one that comes slowly and deepens gradually with time. It might be that limpid clear water or the pristine white sand. How one simple and frugal… Continue reading

Coming Home

She travelled far and wide, ambled east to west For a place she could call home The nomadic compass pointed north It must be somewhere close * I. The Seek A posh modern… Continue reading

When the rain fall

Hear the rain fall, cold bitter wind Withered leaves lost in its careless sweep Behind the fog are myriads of light lucid? When night succeeds a sunset of dreams  РJune 2014

Bintan Lagoon Resort

Nothing beats an Easter celebration at a getaway in the wondrous Bintan Lagoon Resort. Overlooking the South China Sea, its silken white beaches washed by pellucid waters offers a vision of paradise.  … Continue reading

The Two Ends Meet

¬†* The river tries to emulate the sky, Mirroring its multitudes of blues and hues. Rock ledges brutally slap its face, It flows seemingly an act of will. * Along the bank a… Continue reading